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Have you ever considered bringing in a pro for your lawn care services? With professional lawn maintenance, Lambert's Lawn Maintenance can take tedious yard care off your hands. We service the Bossier City, LA area to help keep your property beautiful year-round.

You can hire us for:

Lawn mowing service | Seasonal lawn maintenance | Mulch bed installation | Hedge trimming service

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Give your lawn a professional finish

Lawn mowing services are only half of what it takes to give your yard a professional look. With lawn edging services, Lambert's Lawn Maintenance can make your yard stand out. Edging provides a crisp border and prevents grass and weeds from growing in mulched areas.

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About Us | A Few Words About Us

Lambert's Lawn Maintenance provides quality solutions for your domestic and commercial lawn and garden care.

We have identified an increasing number of people are actively seeking more effective use of their leisure time. Today, convenience is the key. It is not only convenience, however, that attracts customers to our business. They are also attracted to Lambert's Lawn Maintenance by the credibility and reliability of professionally trained operators.

See what makes Lambert's Lawn Maintenance different

At Lambert's Lawn Maintenance, we know the importance of maintaining a healthy lawn. That's why we take pride in helping keep our community beautiful. When you hire us for professional lawn maintenance, you're getting more than just standard lawn care services.

Happy customers choose us because we:

  • Care for your lawn with the highest standards
  • Are locally owned
  • Put our customers first, every time
  • Offer maintenance schedules that work for you

Don't spend hours searching for lawn care for your home. Instead, call 318-200-8923 and see for yourself what a difference great service makes.

You Should Choose Us

Certified Experts

All technicians who work with us have undergone hours of training and have years of experience, so they can tackle each lawn maintenance job, leaving the front or backyard of your property in excellent condition.

Quality Services

No matter if you need mulching, edging or just mowing, we offer you great flexibility. Being specialists in general lawn care as well, we can assist you with cutting the overgrown hedges and bushes.

Customized Services

Each client has different preferences we're ready to offer services customized in accordance with everybody's specific needs and wishes. Contact us and request a service for a time convenient for you.


What We Offer

Lawn Mowing & Edging

A well-maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as heat reduction in homes, play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes. We can do a one-off mow or maintain your lawn on a regular basis for a worry free, great looking lawn.

Mulch Installation

Mulch installation can turn a nice weekend into a lot of work. Sparta Lawn Care can take that off your hands while making your outdoor living space look amazing.

If you have a property with beds for flowers, shrubs, trees, or garden space, you need mulch installation.

Hedge Trimming

Lambert's Lawn Maintenance can take care of all your Hedge Trimming. Be that one-off or regular, ongoing hedge maintenance. From small trees and shrubs, to larger boundary and feature hedges, we have the right tools and equipment to do the job safely and quickly.


What are the best lawn mowing practices to keep my lawn healthy?

Proper mowing practices are essential to your lawn's health and maintenance. Mowing too short damages grass root systems, thins the lawn, decreases drought and disease resistance, and increases your weed population. Please set your mowing height to at least 3 inches for the spring, and try not to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade per mowing (cut when your grass is 4-5 inches high). Keep your cutting blade sharp, and do not collect your clippings (unless you have grass clumps), as they return nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

Should I collect my clippings or blow them on the grass?

Blowing your grass clippings into the lawn is more valuable for your lawn as it returns nutrients to the soil as they decompose.

How often should I water during drought/dry season?

To keep your lawn healthy this time of year, it needs one inch of rain per week. If weather is dry, we suggest watering your lawn every 5 days for an hour in each place your sprinkler covers. Watering is your first line of response to lawn disease and damage to help your lawn recover.

I have dead patches in my lawn what is that and what can I do?

The dead patches in your lawn are likely the result of lawn disease/drought damage from past years. Dead grass/thatch should be removed. Add a little topsoil and re-seed these areas, or aerate and over-seed the damage areas.

How can I prevent lawn problems?

The best thing you can do to fight disease on your lawn is to mow properly and keep your lawn watered. If you have lawn problems, please feel free to call us for a diagnosis. DON'T wait until the damage is bad to call us!!